Saturday, May 31, 2014

Z - Zeitgeist

I heard about this for the first time from my friend Ashwani. He had seen this documentary and while we were talking one day, he told me about it. It was before either of us were married or had become parents and at that time we used to watch a lot of movie and suggest good and interesting ones to each other. On further googling, I learnt that Zeitgeist is a German word which means "the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time" - quite a heavy word indeed. Anyways I got my hand on the DVD and watched it. 

The documentary is actually based on conspiracy theories and focuses on issues of Christianity, 9/11 twin tower attack and how big banks are trying to control the world. (Conspiracy Theory reminds me of the awesome Mel Gibson- Julia Roberts movie where Mel's character has a lot of conspiracy theories of his own.. Being a fan of both Mel and Julia, I had loved the movie. They look awesome together and though I have heard the movie didn't get much critical acclaim, I am totally positively biased towards it.. I think everyone should watch this movie.. multiple times!! :-) )

The documentary, though certainly not in the lines of Fahrenheit 9/11, is a decent watch. The things shown in the documentary looked too far fetched to be true. It looked like facts and opinions have been mixed together to make a khichdi. On Christianity, anyways there are lot of theories on how Jesus might be just a story or how he has decedents living among us (Da vinci code). Faith in God is something very personal and regarding belief in Him, it doesn't really matter what everyone thinks! About the 9/11 attacks too, I am not really convinced that govt would be involved or at least not do anything to stop it. But then again, politics, money and power is something which makes people do unbelievable stuff. Nothing is above reproach here. The big banks controlling and manipulating everyone for their benefit is quite conceivable. Overall the documentary was an interesting and different one time watch. 

And with this, I finish off my A-Z blogging challenge!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :-D
Here I go now..


Amrita said...

Haha fantastic end post!!! You really packed a punch in this last one! Well done on completing the challenge and inspiring me ! CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS go treat yourself you deserve it!

OC Sure said...

I hit the "next blog" button and found your blog. Looks like you had fun with the letters.

The Spirit of the Age is always easy to identify as it is written into the history books but there is a great difficulty in identifying while we ourselves are immersed in it. It just sweeps us away. So, time will tell.

isoney said...

A-Z blogging - what a good idea. May have to pinch that.

I'm sure I once read a novel called Zeitgeist. As I recall it rather gloomy in tone and had a lot of unlikely sexual encounters. It was quite pretentious to be honest.

But it is certainly a great word. Excellent post

Ashma said...

@Amu: Hehe.. thanks dear.. Have changed the template.. howz it?

@OC Sure: You are right.. I believe some things are better left UN-analyzed. Thank you for visiting my blog.

@isoney: Hmm.. i don't think the novel is related to the documentary then.. :-) Thank you for visiting my blog.