Sunday, May 11, 2014

F - Friendship

Let me begin today's post by wishing a very Happy Mother's day to all the Moms and mom's-to-be! They are the first relationship and the first love of your life. As Rudyard Kipling famously said "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." Thank you Mom!

Today I am going to write about Friendship - One of the most beautiful relationship in the world. Friends are the family you choose. They encourage and inspire you. Give you a reality check when you are going  or about to go overboard. I have been blessed to have some of the world's most beautiful people as my friends. They are the ones who have influenced me and shaped my attitude. We have had loads of fun, we have shared laughter as well as tears, we have had discussions and disagreements, we have made many beautiful memories together - and even though some I haven't met since long, it is as if we are always in touch. My friends have guided and supported me, consoled and scolded me, they are the constant in this ever-changing world and they bring out the best in me. This post is dedicated to my best friends forever.. 

Friends, I am thankful and feel blessed to have you in my life. Love you a lot!

R: We are childhood buddies aka. langoti-ya yaar. We have been friends for nearly 2 decades now. In school, we used to sit together in the class. And though at that time, we were not into writing notes, both of us liked to draw and drew patterns on our books. We even had a combined drawing book where we used to take turns painting pictures and scenery. Though we used to fight it out for the top rank in our class, we never used to compete but used to share notes and help each other out. R is a live-wire who enjoys every moment and is always full of laughter and giggles.. a true blue punjabi! :-). At the same time, she is sensitive to others too. In life, many a times we drift apart from our school friends when we move into different directions, however I am proud of our friendship having survived through and grown stronger with each day. I have shared all those cliched friendship moments with her - the ones you get in forwarded emails like maggie and tea at night, all night movie marathon, late night walks to burial grounds, etc ;-p  Post school, we have mostly been in different cities (living together for a short again while  in Bangalore) but then again, friends are never really far away!

Amu: We met during engineering in Rourkela. I still remember the discussion when we warmed up to each other. It was during one of our lab classes. She and I were lab partners (I was roll#614 and she was #615. :-)). While talking, she told me that she had studied in Rourkela only and I was so excited when I learnt that she used to stay in a place which was near my aunt's house. This led to more talk and thus the ice broke. We were inseparable during our college days, you would always find us together. In classes, we had this habit of talking to each other by writing down on our notepads. I still have all those notes and papers with me and it's a beautiful nostalgia when I read it again. I have learned from her faith, strength, courage and frankness. A true Sagittarius.. with both of us being fire signs, we get along like a house on fire! :-D Though now she stays all the way in UK, we are in regular touch and everything still seems the same.

A: I met Mr.A through common friends in Bangalore. We weren't really friends though we worked together in the same company too. He is a very philosophical person (nicknamed Baba by his friends) giving some or other Gyan most of the time. To be frank, initially I was skeptical & didn't really trust that he is for true. He was always a friend of my friend. Our friendship really developed when he switched jobs and moved to Delhi. A case of distance makes heart grow fonder (It was easier to jhelophy all those Gyan on phone ;-p) A perfect gentlemen, he always thinks about others and is ready to help everyone whether he knows them or not.. he would even go out of his way to help his enemies. Our friendship developed slowly and steadily & he is now one of my BFF. 

V: V aka Mr. Popatlal, he was my team mate plus cubicle mate plus tea partner. He used to make office a real fun place. I still remember the times in US, we were in different far away cities but we used to talk a lot. During weekends, we would be talking for hours in the night.. till like 5-6 am in the morning.. he would have listened to some song and play it to me over phone. Those were some days! He is a fun guy who is always  on the move. A daredevil who will try everything for once. Even though he might want you to believe that he is a wild and carefree bird, he is a caring and thoughtful person. Sometimes you would be amazed with the kind of insight he has about things.

M: I think I have written so much about us already. He is my friend, my lover, my husband, my partner! We fight, we make up.. we fight again.. :-D My life has had a whole new meaning since he came into it. And I have enjoyed deciphering each and all of these different new things. A perfect partner and a perfect friend!

"We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.
Even longer,' Pooh answered.” 


Amrita said...

Awwwww 😃

Rac said...

Ashma..u made me all many good things and that too in a single go...btw gal did we ever say that ur amazing just the way ur.always a call away matter wats the time u

Rac said...

Ohh so many good things in a single go...main senti hogi...btw did we ever say that ur are the most amazing as you are..always a call away :)..and yes goa baby..we need a joint property..with ashwani partner in crime ;)

Ashwani said...

Din bana diya ladki aaj ka to!!
Really lucky to get u as friend in life..Thanks dearie for listening all my gyan, stories and guide me during confusions of life.. U r one of the best investment of life!!

@Rachana: haan yaar, joint property to banti hai..a bit distant from all this chaos.. :)

Ashma said...

Love you all!! :) And miss you all!!