Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A – A challenging beginning

I learnt about the A-Z blogging challenge in one of the blogger’s page that I follow regularly. I love to read about Sayesha and her views. Her writing is super witty and funny. (As you can make it from her blog title.:-) ) If you are one of the 2 ppl who still read my blog, chances are you already know about her blog and are a more regular follower there. This last month, she had taken up the April A-Z blogging challenge and had put some amazing posts. As per the challenge, you need to write one post a day with topics based on letters of the alphabet in sequence. So in total 26 posts in April for letters A to Z.
I am totally inspired to try something similar. I know I am already late, the whole world took this challenge up in April and completed it successfully. However as they say ‘Better late than Never’.
Seeing how regular I am on posting in my blog, I may just fail on it tomorrow itself.. :-D But again as they say ‘Better to have tried and failed than not tried at all’ :-)  (hehehe.. this just gave me an idea… some days I might just post some inspirational quotes and try to cheat my way with the challenge.. ;-p)

I have not written 26 posts in even a year or 2 years if u want to be specific, so writing 26 posts in a month is a herculean effort for me. But it’s still worth a try! So let me begin today.. making it the first post in the A-Z challenge. You might say that ‘A’ used as an article and not a noun in this post may not exactly qualify.. but ‘A’ is still an ‘A’. I have always been biased towards the letter ‘A’.. as you can see my name also starts with an A so of course I am entitled to the bias. I think it’s the best letter in the English alphabet.. what say?

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