Thursday, May 29, 2014

X – X-men

Today was the worst day on trying to find a suitable topic with X. I was really tempted to write about the roman numeral ‘X’ aka 10 :-), I think it would have been apt as well. But just when I was about to give up, the newly released X-men movie came as my savior. I have been wanting to see this since it released last weekend but alas, till now I have not been able to. With this being a full action packed movie with different creatures in it, I am pretty sure I don’t want to take Shaurya to it. I will have to harden my maa-ka-dil a little and leave him at home while I enjoy this with M ;-) Let’s see when that happens. 

Anyways I have been a fan of the series since the first installment; not missing even a single movie in the franchise. Even though few of them have been pretty lousy, just seeing Wolverine in action gives me my money’s worth. :-D I am a ‘Hugh Jackman’ fan.. he is Gorgeous! (sorry M.. I know I shouldn’t really proclaim liking for someone else in public domain.. but.. it’s hugh jackman!) I have seen most of the movies that he has acted in and with my biased view, I have liked all; even something like ‘Real Steel’ :-S. 

So coming back to X-men.. they are ordinary human being who turned into Superheroes owing to gene mutation. Since mutation resulted in change in physical and psychological characters of people, normal humans showing their typical behaviour thought of mutants as weird and dangerous. In order to save the mutants and provide them a safe place, Professor Xavier gave them shelter in his huge institute. He also used this to mentor the mutants and train them to use their power for good.. Owing to this and the mutant gene, the name ‘X-men’ is used to refer to his team. It goes without saying that if there are mutants who use their power for good, there are also many who use it for evil. The task of the X-men is to triumph over the evil. This is the crux of the whole franchise. 

There are many interesting characters in the movie; I like both Prof X (who leads the good mutants) and Magneto (who leads the evil ones). I liked all the 4 actors who played the young as well as old prof X and Magneto.. they were all awesome! They were already good actors but I also believe the writing and director’s vision would have been crystal clear as well. Wolverine’s character is of course the pre-dominant one in the entire series and Mr.Jackman fits to the T. The most ‘least in-control’ X-men. Apart from them, I also like Hank, Cyclops and mystique. Overall, the series has a great ensemble cast; it is a good franchise which has been going really strong.. and as I mentioned earlier, I am eagerly awaiting my turn to see the ‘Days of future past’.


Amrita said...

You stole my idea for x :( heyyyy real steel is a nice movie!
I liked first class a lot.
I don't like mystique I rather like rogue. Well wolverine was such a dud hated it inspite of mr jackman and inspite of being a fan of him.

Ashma said...

😊 I am sure you will think of something better. Yup but many people didn't like Real Steel.