Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mumma's first letter

I wanted to write a post for Shaurya’s second birthday which was on 11th Oct but just didn’t get a chance to write anything. I can’t believe how soon time flies. Kids grow up so fast. Shaurya will soon be starting play group. :-) It seems only yesterday when I was expecting him. It was such a wonderful experience having him inside my womb. With so much energy that he has (he doesn’t sit still for a moment), no wonder he used to move and kick so much inside. Sometimes I think it must have been really difficult for him to keep floating and be constrained in such a small space. :-D

During Pregnancy, one of the best surprises were these beautiful letters (aka emails) that I used to get from M. (Post marriage, M has become really good at giving surprises. He was really hopeless earlier but now he is even better than me.. ;-D ). These letters were sent by our child via M as the writing medium. I used to love getting these letters and used to wait eagerly for them.. only concern was they were not very frequent - they came only once a month. Pasting below the content of the first letter that my kid sent.. :-)

My Dear Mumma,
Many many Congratulations :-) !!!
I will introduce myself later... first tell me how are you feeling now? I know you are going through a very tough yet exciting period of your life :-)..I am also going through an equally excited and a good experience inside your womb.....
Let me introduce myself- I am your baby and really excited to be born :-) and see the world with my wonderful parents. I am sure by this time you are fully surprised “how come a baby who is 15mm in length and have not developed any limbs yet, can write letter to me”!!... let me tell you- that is what I am !!!!

I have few suggestions for you and papa....I hope you shall follow those! 

-Please drink at least 2 litres of water a day in Office. 
-Eat lots of fruits, green & leafy veggies every day. 
-I know you don’t like milk now a days, but plz take some for my sake!! I need milk for a stronger bones. 
-Take as much rest as u can, but at the same time make yourself active throughout the day. 
-I feel sleepy @11PM, but can’t sleep as you remain awake till 1:30AM...(as per the nature- a baby inside the womb can’t sleep until the mother goes to sleep) so please go to bed early in the night and make Papa also sleep early as I need a good oil Massage :-) 
-I love my papa a lot so don't irritate him frequently... 
-Take the medicines early plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. 
-Let Papa knows tht I need gifts, so ask him to bring surprise gifts for me and you (I know he is bad in that but he cannot make it an excuse every time, so force him to bring gifts for us!!).
-And at last – Listen to papa as he understands us better than we do!
Wait and I will send more letters full of Demands and wishes frequently!!!
I feel proud to be your Baby ...Convey my love to my greatest Papa :-))..
Sweet heart baby!

What say... isn't this cute? :-)

PS: By the time I came around posting this one, Shaurya has already started play school. It's been 2 days since he has been going but as of now, aunty has been with him at the preschool the entire duration. He is not playing with others that much and stays mostly with her only. Looks like, it's gonna be a difficult process. :-(


Amrita said...

aww how cuteeeeeee!!! Loved it!!! I though it would be a letter from u to him from the title :)
well playgroup is a tough transition i must say :)

Faithhazell said...

This is adorable!! I love it!! Would love to see more of those letters.

Please come visit my blog and let me know what you think. It's FaithHazell.blogspot.ca


Ashma said...
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Ashma said...

Thank you Amu. Thank you Faith.. :) Will surely visit your blog soon.