Monday, May 24, 2010

The 'moral' drama

I always get irritated seeing this drama that our politicians (I won’t call them leaders as we don’t have any) carry on everyday. Especially when they offer to resign on grounds of so called taking ‘moral responsibility’. The latest in the line being our honorable aviation minister - Mr. Praful Patel. In a crisis situation, he should actually be taking control and investigating the matter. However instead of assuring the Public, he chooses to offer to quit. And especially since he knows he is not the direct culprit and obviously our PM will not accept his resignation. I would love to see him make the same offer if for example he is caught in a bribery case or if there’s a criminal case against him. But you won’t find a minister taking ‘moral responsibility’ when their morals have been compromised. What a shameless lot!!

PS: Btw on a separate note, I do think our Home minister should take some ‘moral responsibility’ and quit before more people die. When I learnt about the Naxal attack last year, I thought he needs time to work. But what has he been doing?? Not sure if he is just not interested coz none of the states suffering from Naxalism are congress-ruled (I hope I am wrong).

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