Saturday, April 14, 2007

The "To-Do-Before My Next B'de" list

My B'day is fast approaching and I thought let me just pen down a few things I would like to do in the coming year.. (I wanted to write about things to do before 30 but then I thought of that film and kind of dropped it. Another factor being 30 is still far.. I have got loads to do before that.. ;). So here goes the list of my things-to-do-before-my-next-b'de:--

  • See Niagara falls - from both sides. And by that I mean both US and Canada. - Hoping to cover atleast the US side of it in May.
  • Shopping at NY / Time square - I have planned to go to NY next month so hopefully this will be done.
  • Go back to India before Diwali - would hate to miss diwali celebration. Another reason is in college I took a bet with my best friend. During one diwali back then, I was going home leaving our college events when all my friends were asking me to stay. But diwali means home. And my friend quipped "A time will come when, forget home, you will not even be in india during diwali". I was quick to say 'NO WAY'. And hence the bet. Since "a time" is very vague, we decided on a time limit of 10 years, so I better not be out of india during diwali for atleast 7 more years.. ;)
  • Create a small but proud DVD collection of my all time favourite movies
  • Have a plantain leaf meal - oh.. i miss the lovely 'North Karnataka' meal they serve on banana leaf at Kamat Yatri Niwas, Bangalore. I am gonna have it agian before my next b'de for sure.
  • Visit Paris, have a lovely meal at one of the famous sidewalk cafes' there and roam around the streets of paris at night - this is actually in my 'things to do before i die' wish list so even if i can't do it this year, anytime before i die is fine with me.. :D. For now my plan is : When I head back for India, I will take a connecting flight through Paris and take a 2-day break there.
  • Go for a long drive in a RED Mustang Convertible with the top down and loud music playing and nothing beats it if the drive is along a beach/sea. :)
  • Go for Sky-diving - I think I am afraid of heights though I am not sure about it. I did parasailing once so guess trying this won't kill me. Hopefully.
  • Drive at 100mph - I have touched 80-85 so I guess 100 shouldn't be that hard.
  • Pack a bag and just leave. No plans, no destinations.. just pure whim!! :)
  • Learn atleast one of the two: a. Swimming b. Waltz/Dancing. And in case i am able to learn swimming, then go swimming at night.. that too while its raining heavily!! ;)
  • Go on a cruise - Arre I am so near florida, I better take a cruise or something.
  • Climb to the top of statue of liberty - I missed going to the top of washington memorial. I was late and the last trip for the day was over :(. Lets hope this one goes right.
  • Wear an evening gown ( a classic designer one) - trial in a dress shop would also be counted.
  • Eat at a diner or go to a drive-in theatre - have seen so many of them in movies. Now that I am here, I would like to experience it some day.
  • Learn Tennis - I bought a tennis racket some 2 months back and I have used it only 2 times.. :( Lazy me.
  • Buy a superman T shirt(a perfect replica) and have the guts to wear it to office - Wearing it to office back in india would be more fun!! Here it seems a possibility ;)
  • Save something before I go back to India. If I can save $5000, that would be great.
  • Go to a night club - Believe it or not after being in b'lore for more than 2 years and in US since 5 months now, I haven't ever been to a club or disc or pub.
  • Buy a slick and really cool mp3 cum video player with 80GB memory or so - My sister would love it. I would too.. ;)
  • Be a regular at Gym and loose the extra pounds I have put on since coming to US. Alternatively don't add any more pounds.
  • And in the end something for my personality developement - Learn to be patient and especially towards people I can't tolerate. I think the way I behave, I am sure the person knows that I can't tolerate him/her.

Most of things above are pretty simple and achievable. So wish me luck and let me just dive-in. Ciao!


PrakashYadav said...

My Best Wishes for All your To-Do Comes True. :)

Ashma said...

-- prakash: Thanks :)

ashwani said...

so many wishes :)
hurry up yaar ..u r really out of time :)

Ashma said...

-- Ashwani: haan yaar so much to do and so less time.. :) thinking of doing 3-4 of these in my upcoming trip to NY.. :)

Amrita said...

Ashma..Wake up..

Ashma said...

-- Amrita: :D.. yeah. i m awake only..