Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally a century!!

Last week, I went bowling with my colleagues. The client company which I work for, had organized a bowling night, termed Bowl-A-Thon ;) - volunteer teams of 4-5 ppl were formed. Each team had to collect donations, buy tickets for bowling & have fun while helping the community. The proceeds went to a local charity group in here.

Having bowled only a couple of times, I was very skeptical of how I would fare. I remember the first time I went bowling. It was in Bangalore and we had gone to a bowling place, Megabowl, for a project party. I had a fun time there. My first attempt resulted in a strike(first throw knocking down all 10 pins) :-) U can guess how happy that made me. Beginner's luck!! And that was the only luck I had that day. Every other bowl hit everything but the pins. Threw a lot of gutter balls (situation when the ball falls out of the bowling lane, instead of going straight and knocking down the pins). The bottom line - I sucked in the game but nevertheless I had loads of fun bowling.

So with the kind of low score I had earlier, my expectations were pretty realistic. Motto being - One at a time. The game started well, in the first round- the 1st ball hit nothing and the 2nd hit all 10. I was pretty consistent after that. Managed a strike in the 8th round too. So in the end it turned out better than my expectations with a score of 101 :) I crossed a century!! And here's what the score card looked like at the end.... the 2nd one from the top.. tht's me.. I was 2nd in my group too..

I know it's not much of a score but considering my exposure to the game and a whole lot of other things (some facts, some excuses ), I was pretty happy & proud. :D With a suggestion from my colleague, shashank, (the top scorer in the chart above), I thought of blogging it. Thanks Shashank.. another gr8 idea.. ;)

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PrakashYadav said...

Congrates Ashma! On the Century.
Keep Playing & break the record of Lara:) on Bowling