Saturday, June 03, 2017

A 'Mad'enning word

Be careful of what you say in front of your kids.. they will come back to you at the most embarrassing of times. So we tell Shaurya not to use bad words when talking. “Paagal” (mad) is one such word. Kids use it to tell each other off when they either have a fight or think the other person is talking nonsense. We tell Shaurya not to use it at all.

This Saturday, he was playing cricket in the society park with 2 of his friends. One of his friend’s cousin (a teen of about 15) came there and joined them. So she was batting and one kid was bowling. During the course of the play, the teen girl used the word “Paagal”. Shaurya immediately told her not to use it as it’s a bad world. :-) The girl immediately said “Sorry”. Shaurya told “Its ok” and then to make her feel a little better he said “My mom and dad also say it sometimes….” And then went on to add “….to each other”.

The girl laughed out loud.. of course, after our initial shock, we joined in as well! :-D But then, it made us realize to be extra cautious when talking in front of him! Let's see how we fare ;-p

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