Friday, November 02, 2007

More about me, me and ofcourse me..


Amrita said...

Useless ladki

PrakashYadav said...

Hi Aashma!
Tum bhi een Star ke peeche [ad gayi ho.

Ashwani said...

me Leo- The Lion
and then 8 out of 10 girls falls in love wid me :)) though i cudn't see them and
then my s** appeal came out 6 out of 10 though i alwys use horn in my bike to be horny :)))
anywys it was nice time pass :)

Ashma said...

--Amu: hehehehe.. u know me!!

--Prakash: Nahi prakash just time pass hein..

--Ashwani: haan haan tu toe hein hi god's gift to women and your time must have passed nicely after reading all that!!